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You might be in danger if…

Sleep deprivation is more serious than you could’ve imagined…

Sleep, being a basic human need, allows our body time to rejuvenate and restore itself but without it there can be catastrophic consequences. Consequences that you would never expect.

Not Sleeping? Here is what can be happen to you:

1) Over-Eating
Your body doesn’t get the energy it needs from sleep so it thinks it may get it from food. Unfortunately, that results in cravings of the chocolate or salty kind. Basically, your body craves sugary or salty foods and because of your lack of sleep, your brain doesn’t get the memo that you’re full.

2) Increased Impulsivity
Think of this as being sleep drunk. Being tired leads you to make decisions that are less inhibited and way  more impulsive. You are more likely to fight with a spouse, make a decision that can hurt you, relapse, or behave in a way that is more ego than logic.

3) Temporary Dementia
Not sleeping can effect your ability to perform higher cognitive functioning including memory. So that milk you were supposed to stop and get on the way home…You forgot it, dude.

4) Emotional Outburst
While exhausted, you are more likely to have an emotional outburst. Crying or screaming are top offenders when you are drained from not sleeping. As humans, we become emotionally intense as a reaction to sleep deprivation.

How LiQcovery: PM Formula can help.

The LiQcovery: PM Formula by Liquid Recovery Nutrition offers a healthy and natural sleep support remedy!

Utilizing the benefits provided by Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, and nutrients like Melatonin, LiQcovery: PM offers the following benefits:

  • Helps to Provide Support in Falling Asleep Naturally*
  • Helps Improve Overall Sleep Health*
  • Do not wake up feeling Groggy*
  • Help to Improve Overall Brain and Memory Functioning*
  • Helps to Maintain General Sense of Well-Being*



LiQcovery: PM Formula

This Powerful PM Formula:

  • Helps Provide Relief from Symptoms of Irritability
  • Maintains and Promotes Healthy Levels of Relaxation
  • Helps to Provide Support in Falling Asleep
  • Helps Improve Natural Sleep Health
  • Supports Healthy Mood Regulation
  • Provides a Number of Powerful Amino Acids that Promote Healthy Neurotransmission and act as “Brain Food”
  • and Much More!

​Each Bottle Contains a 30-day Supply!

Learn More About the LiQcovery: PM Formula by Clicking Here…
Net WT 9.1oz (258g) Directions for use: Mix one scoop (8.6g) in 8oz of water. Take 30 Min before bed. Do not operate or drive any heavy machinery after consuming. Enjoy!

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