Take their words for it...Drink LiQcovery.

I first heard about this product when my husband was in early recovery. We decided to purchase it when we found out it would be beneficial to both of us with him in recovery and myself not in recovery. I feel so much better when taking it and it's extremely easy and tastes so good! I ❤️ this product!

Niki Lombardi

I must admit I was skeptical when I ordered the AM and PM formulas. I was amazed. The AM gave me more energy and improved my mood. The PM allowed me to sleep better. I use both formulas. It is not that often a product lives up to its claims and it does. BRAVO!

Jif Feingold

I am a mother to an Angel. I lost my daughter to an OD 10 months ago. Although I am not a recovering addict, i lost 30 lbs and had not one ounce of energy. Also, due to being depleted of most nutrients a body requires I was experiencing painful leg cramps! Liquid Recovery helped me 100%!!!!

Mandi Reinhardt

This is the end of week 2 and I feel phenomenal. I was on Wellbutrin for about 2 years and it was not doing the best for me. So I weaned off but was feeling BLUCK ..So I started this and I feel great. Im not in recovery but this product helps in recovery or not with Mood energy and getting to sleep!

Kelley Duckworth

I rarely buy things like this because they usually don't work, but I desperately needed help sleeping so I gave this a shot. It is amazing & It doesn't take long to kick in either!!! Flavors great & The shaker breaks everything up real nice, plus the letter they send with it is hilarious!!!! 😀

Kelly K

I love Liquid Recovery! I drink it in the morning and I feel great all day! Then I drink it right before I go to bed and I sleep great! I do not feel groggy in the morning either! I actually feel better in the mornings now. I am a grateful recovering addict and I've never felt this great!!

Erica Swatsworth

Liquid Recovery PM formula has been a God send for me in early recovery. I went from high anxiety and insomnia to having a more restful and relaxing sleep. I highly recommend this product. It's another useful tool in my toolbelt right now.

Kerri Williamson

Love the AM formula. It gives a Great morning boost, and helps me stay focused throughout the day.

Dimitri Sagatov

Reviews from Our Facebook Page:

"I absolutely love LiQcovery A.m. and p.m. When I first started taking LiQcovery I only used the p.m. because I could not sleep at 3 1/2 years clean and sober.  LiQcovery P.m. absolutely gave me my sleeping pattern back. No more staying awake until 3 AM wishing I could go to sleep.  And the best part is I do not wake up in the middle of the night sweating and I do not wake up in the morning feeling groggy.Then, I attended the rally in Ohio where I tried the a.m. formula. To my surprise I did not feel the afternoon fatigue that I normally feel. When I eat right and drink plenty of water LiQcovery PM  gives me that extra edge to fall asleep when I want to sleep and LiQcovery AM gives me that extra boost with out the crash of conventional energy drinks.   I currently have over 60,000 followers on social media and I promote LiQcovery to them without reservation.  LiQcovery works the way it is supposed to work and I stand by that 100%."

-James Sweasy, Social Media Star and Radio Host

"I've been taking liquid recovery after hearing James Sweasy talk about it on his live chat. 5 days in and I've been feeling amazing! I have more of a clear mind, energy, and at night it helps my insomnia. I'd recommend it to anyone"

-Brandi B.

"I tried the P.M. formula & slept great. Didn't feel groggy in the morning at all or anything like that. .I love both of these products& would recommend them to anyone .."

-Chris L.

"I have cronic insomnia so to find something with the right ingredients to relax me at night is awesome. Also, when I take the AM formula I have that surge of energy I need to get the day rolling."

​-Angela P

"Great taste and mixes well. AM formula gives a slight boost of energy but helped me feel rejuvinated. PM heIps me slip into a good nights rest. I love it!"

-Zachary F.

"This stuff is amazing I have never felt better am so glad I got the products"

-Blake R.

"I love my liqcovery! Thank you!!! Coming up on 1 year 100% clean in a few weeks and still felt so completely drained after all that time. I tried different supplements etc and found these guys and their liquid recovery... love it, recommend it, and appreciate all that you are doing to help those in need!!"

-Shawna M.

"Absolutely love love love this product. The best for your day and sleep!! Thank you"

-Cassie P.

"I'm the type of person who didnt believe in anything other than instant gratification. I want what I want when I want it. After having 7 months clean and sober I was giving the opportunity to start on these formulas and man I thought I was good before it just made everything better I have better sleep at night and more energy throughout the entire day. If you haven't yet tried it out please do and thank me later"

-Jonathan C.

"Started taking it couple days ago and can already tell a difference. Thank you!"

-Stephanie P.

"Great products. Best I've slept in a little long time. Actually need to order more."

-Robert E.

"I really like LiQcovery. I heard about it on facebook on James Sweasy's page. I went to my doc and got prescribed zoloft. The side effects were terrible so i did some research into post acute withdrawal syndrome. From what i could gather this is what i was still going through. I started taking the a.m. and p.m. formula and st. johns wort. It has worked really well. I'm not telling anyone to quit taking there meds by no means. I'm just saying this approach has worked really well for me without the terrible side effects."

-Michael M.

"I am not a person dealing with addiction. I am a mom of someone in long term recovery. I am also the wife of a man that has had a heart attack. I have lost a lot of sleep for many years! Trying to sleep when your heart and mind are constantly worried about others is pretty much a lost cause. For a while, a long while, I was finding myself using prescription sleep aids. Along came LIQcovery PM. I not only got a great nights sleep but did so with no guilt! I drift right off to sleep. I may wake up during the night but go right back to sleep with absolutely no problem. The mornings, which for me start very early, come refreshed with NO grogginess. I recommend LIQcovery to anyone that may have regular sleep issues or even that occasional night that sleep eludes you! I will be trying the AM formula soon. I'll let you know the truth on that as well! Sleep well! I do now!"

-Karen V.

"So far so good!!! I love this product both AM and PM formula has been great and it works as it states it will!!! I have recommended this to many people!!! Thank you Blake!!"

-Stephanie L.

Video Testimonials:

Kelley's Story - "My First Five Days!"