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Amino Acids and Your Brain

By LiQcovery | September 14, 2017

Your brain is an incredible machine. Even right now, as you read this, your brain is working to understand and remember what you are reading using very special chemicals called “neurotransmitters.” Before you click off this article out of fear of boredom realize that I don’t plan on giving you a scientific explanation similar to […]

Relationships in Addiction Recovery

Healthy Relationships: Addiction’s Nemesis

By LiQcovery | August 26, 2017

How could we possibly discuss health in addiction recovery without bringing up relationships? Of course, many of our articles here at Liquid Recovery Nutrition discuss the importance of physical and mental health whilst in recovery from addiction. I mean, hell…we are a nutritional supplement company so it would be odd if we didn’t! But, as […]

Addiction: Healthy Living Means Longer Recovery

By LiQcovery | August 13, 2017

The Power Struggle of Early Addiction Recovery “Donut or Carrot? Carrot or Donut? Carrot then donuts….Yep, that’s it” This article is not a science lesson on the chemistry of the brain. Nor is it an article recounting a list of benefits you’ll receive by healthy eating. In fact, if you want that, go to […]

You might be in danger if…

By LiQcovery | May 15, 2017

Sleep deprivation is more serious than you could’ve imagined… Sleep, being a basic human need, allows our body time to rejuvenate and restore itself but without it there can be catastrophic consequences. Consequences that you would never expect. Not Sleeping? Here is what can be happen to you: 1) Over-Eating Your body doesn’t get the […]

How proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements can help you live life to the fullest

By LiQcovery | May 12, 2017

How proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements can help you live life to the fullestLife is dull and boring if you are not living it to the fullest. You cannot live life to its fullest if you are having an unhealthy lifestyle. Being sick and dull all the time takes all the colors and charms out […]

​Effects of Low Dopamine on Everyday Functioning

By LiQcovery | March 7, 2017

Ever get an undeniable sense of satisfaction when you achieve something. It could be something as small as successfully completing a workout or crossing a big milestone in your career. This feeling is a result of dopamine rushing through the body.Dopamine commonly referred to as “the pleasure neurotransmitter” is produced by our brains to transfer […]

Motivation Manifesto: Addicted to…

By LiQcovery | December 23, 2016

  The Motivation Manifesto: Addicted to…What do you tell yourself about yourself? Do you tell yourself you are strong or do you tell yourself you are weak? Do you tell yourself that you have integrity and are honest? Or do you tell yourself that you aren’t a good person? Do you say “I can” or […]

Can Niacin Help in Addiction Recovery?

By LiQcovery | November 15, 2016

What Exactly is Niacin? We’re all familiar with vitamin B; or rather, the vitamins in the B family. There are actually eight separate and distinct vitamins in the B family including some you’re probably familiar with or have at least heard of: thiamin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, and one that’s known as niacin. Niacin was actually […]

Feel-Good Brain Chemicals: How You Can Naturally Boost Your Mood

By LiQcovery | October 26, 2016

The effects of addiction are numerous and profound, which one might hope would be reason enough to discourage people from abusing dangerous mind-altering substances. However, there are more people falling prey to addiction today than ever before. In spite of the risks of addiction, millions upon millions of Americans turn to recreational substance abuse for […]

Is Fentanyl the New Heroin?

By LiQcovery | October 18, 2016

​Since the late 1800’s, heroin, the highly addictive opioid derived from the resin of poppy plants, has been used and abused by millions of Americans to achieve what many former users describe as “the ultimate high.” The Drug Enforcement Administration estimates that there were well over 10,000 deaths in the U.S. from heroin overdoses in […]